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Farm Life

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Farm Life is a casual game that immerses you in a serene and delightful countryside experience. Within this game, you'll engage in a variety of activities—planting, harvesting, breeding, and managing your very own farm.

Planting and Trading
Cultivate crops to nurture and expand your farm! After harvesting wheat, tomatoes, and more, head to the market to trade with fellow players, selling your produce and building your envisioned dream farm!

Production Plant
Within your own production facility, process different crops into refined industrial products for trading, securing higher returns on your investments.

Collection and Decoration
The farm's cottage brims with charming furniture and unlockable decorative sets, enabling you to style your farm to reflect your unique taste! Cottages can generate passive income and expedite the growth of your farm!

In Farm Life, relish the tranquility of country living as you delve into a tapestry of agricultural pursuits, trade, and creative farm development!"



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